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What’s a rugby game to us? 

It’s the hearts of millions of people beating for a chosen few. It’s the harmony of mixed dialects brokenly yelling for one cause. For the victory of our country. But how do we support our team with all our hearts if they’ll be 14 000km away during the Rugby World Cup? 

By showing them what support really looks like. 

On average, a person’s heartbeat increases by 75% when they watch a game on TV. It’s why fans are so strongly connected to their teams because it feels like they’re actually out there on the field. So what if we could use our hearts to travel the distance with the Beat of the Nation?. Introducing #beatforthebokke, a way to show the Bokke the heartbeat of their country in real time, giving them the strength they need to be victorious.

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Castle Larger


Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg


Chief Creative Officer:

Matthew Barnes, Pete Case


Executive Creative Directors: 

Molefi Thuto, Peter Little 


Creative Directors:

Terry Mckenna, Nashville Mungofa, Gregory King


Art Directors/Designers:

Kiara Pandaram, Natasha Fourie, Jayson Dicks



Katherine Glover, Ryan Whitelaw



Amori Gerber, Delisa Govender, Meera Karsan 



Kevin Hocking, Thato Simelane, Rowa Zheng

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