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Babies move way more than their parents realise – over 3km in a single day. In order to truly put the comfort and fit of Huggies® diapers to the test, and simultaneously prove just how much babies actually move, we launched the World’s First Baby Marathon. A real-time data driven campaign which saw four cute babies fitted with distance-tracking devices and completing 21 km over seven days.


Disclaimer: This wasn't my idea but I helped the team roll out content for above the line elements like POS, internal launch, branded elements and title layouts. The full credits go to the team below.

Kimberly Clark


Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg


Chief Creative Officer:
Pete Case


Executive Creative Directors:
Matthew Barnes, Mariana O’Kelly


Creative Directors:
Catherine Wanliss, Gregory King


Art Directors/Designers:
Suzanne Jenner, Jade Amic, Amori Gerber, Kiara Pandaram, Elzanri Kirsten


Stephanie Van Niekerk

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